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Urgent Care Waitlist App

The easiest way to manage a waitlist.

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Don't Make Them Feel Worse

Don’t you hate to see the frustration on your already distraught patients faces when they are stuck in the waiting room? And their painful trips up to ask yet again how much longer it will be? Visibility into the wait process and freedom to walk around can make a big difference. And when your patients are happier your doctors will be happier too.

Show Your Patients You Care

Take the pain out of waiting. Greet your patients when they first arrive to find out what they need and tell them how soon you can help them. Add them to Waitlist Me to give them visibility into their estimated wait and by giving patients the freedom to walk around while they wait. Then notify them with a text message when you’re ready for them.
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Empower Your Staff

Waitlist Me helps your care team deliver smarter and friendlier service. By viewing key information on waiting patients, your team can make more accurate wait estimates. Plus, Waitlist Me is simple enough to pick up within a few minutes, so there is no complicated set up or training required. Options for walk-in patients to add themselves to the waitlist make check-ins even faster and more efficient.

Healthy For Your Business

When your patients are happier, your doctors will be happier. Everyone wins. Patients are also more likely to choose providers that give them more control and visibility into their wait experience. So give them more reason to smile when they see you, and more reason to come back.

Transform your urgent care center into one patients rave about.
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