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Do More with a
Waitlist Me Premium Account!

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Track important visit metrics
to maximize your profitability.

In-App Statistics

View estimates of average wait times by group size for more accurate quoting.

Powerful Reports

Export reports on activity, demographics, loyalty, and group size. Get visit logs for deeper analysis.

Weekly Email Summaries

Weekly email summaries give regular insight into performance relative to the prior weeks.

Unlimited Two Way Texting

Let customers send quick responses to notifications
so you know whether they are on their way
or whether they decided not to join.

Plus More

Drive more revenue with features that improve the customer experience.
reservations image


Schedule future reservations/appointments and see current day reservations in your waitlist view.

Customized Texts

Personalize the text notifications as you like. Add a link to your website, promote specials, and more.

Add Yourself to the List

Let guests check the current wait and add themselves to the list from home or from their phone.

Tables and Assignments

Assign customers table numbers or other resources for better organization and tracking in reports.

NoshGuest Autofill

Recognize loyal customers and add them to the waitlist faster with NoshGuest Autofill.

Local Phone Number

Text customers from a local phone number that you choose, and have calls to that number forwarded to your place.


  • Unlimited Two-Way Texting
  • Customized Text Notifications
  • Local Phone Number
  • Weekly Email Summaries
  • Add Yourself to the List
  • In-App Statistics
  • NoshGuest Autofill
  • Table Number Assignment
  • Powerful Reports

Plus All the Free Features for $29.99 a Month