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Effective Resource Management
Whether you assign customers to tables, staff, or other resources, serve them better by effectively tracking and managing assignments.
Intuitive Assignment Views
See key assignment and availability info at a glance with flexible grid and list views that can be sorted by assignment name, size, status or time.

Availability Tracking

Serve customers faster by knowing resource availability with status colors and timers.

Waitlist Integration

Automatically track assignments when customers are added to and checked off the waitlist.

Assignment Analytics

Track results and spot trends in assignment activity with several downloadable reports.

Feedback Surveys
Know what customers think with automated surveys that go out after their visit.

Text Message Ratings

Make it easy for customers to send a quick rating with a text message reply.

Customizable Surveys

Personalize survey questions customers see if they follow the link in the text message.


  • Effective Resource Management
  • Intuitive Assignment Views
  • Availability Tracking
  • Waitlist Integration
  • Assignment Analytics
  • Feedback Surveys
  • Text Message Ratings
  • Customizable Surveys

Plus all the Basic and Premium features.
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