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Shooting Range Waitlist and Reservations App

The easiest way to manage a waitlist and reservations

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Don’t Let Customers Slip Away

Don’t you hate it when a new face walks in the door and turns right around when they see how many people are waiting? You just lost a chance to turn a new customer into a regular. And you can lose regulars as well if they have to wait all the time. That is why it is critical to manage your busy times better.

Make Their Day

Take the pain out of waiting. Give your customers visibility into their estimated wait and the freedom to walk around while they wait. Then notify them with a text message when you’re ready for them. Spend less time worrying about no shows and tracking people down, and more time on taking good care of your customers.
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Empower Your Team

Forget messy paper waitlists and calendars. Anyone can learn Waitlist Me in a few minutes. Quoting wait times accurately is easy when you can see at a glance key info on your waiting and scheduled customers. Intuitive calendar views make seeing availability and scheduling reservations a breeze.

Set Your Sights On Growth

Don’t give your customers reasons to go somewhere else. Waitlist Me has been proven to reduce walkaways, increase customer satisfaction, and improve your operational efficiencies. Make your customers and team happier, and you’ll see the results in the bottom line.
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