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Gym Waitlist and Reservation App

The easiest way to manage a waitlist and reservations

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Don’t Lose Members Because of Lines

It is frustrating when a workout rhythm is broken up by waiting for a popular piece of equipment, activity room, or other popular exercise area. If it happens often enough, people may decide to find a new gym. Giving your members an easy way to get in line for the equipment and more visibility into the wait time can make a big difference to them.

Delight Your Members

Check them in to Waitlist Me, or let them add themselves, so they can continue their workout while they wait. They can check their place in line from their phone or a display screen in the gym, and you can notify them with a text message when it is their turn.
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Empower Your Team

Forget messy paper waitlists and complicated software. Anyone can learn Waitlist Me in a few minutes. Quoting wait times accurately is easy when you can see at a glance key info on your waiting and scheduled customers. Intuitive calendar views make seeing availability and scheduling reservations a breeze.

Grow Your Membership

Don’t give your members reasons to go somewhere else. People are more likely to choose gyms that give them more control over their workout flow. So give them more reasons to keep renewing their membership and recommend your gym to others.

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