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Add Yourself

Let customers add themselves to the waitlist

Waitlist Me subscriptions include options for customers to add themselves to the waitlist and schedule reservations or appointments from home, their phone, or when they arrive at your business as a self check-in. These can be enabled and customized from your online account settings.

Add Yourself options available:
Web widget – This is a simple way for customers to add themselves to the list or make reservations or appointments online. Copy and paste a line of code onto your website to embed the widget, or link to our hosted widget page. You can customize the colors and modify settings to control the display and functionality. Read more about the web widget here.

Kiosk mode – If you have an extra tablet to use for self service, you can switch the app to Kiosk mode to allow people to add themselves to the list when they arrive. Another option is to print and post a QR code that customers scan with their cell phone to access the web widget.

Join From Google – Customers that find your restaurant through a Google search can join your waitlist directly from Google. Turn it on in your settings and make it easier for customers to choose to come to your restaurant.

Which subscription is right for you?
Premium – Includes all the basics, and is easy to get started within minutes. Put the widget on your website, link to our hosted page from social media, turn on the Join from Google option, and/or set up a tablet as a self check-in kiosk. Ideal for handling a waitlist or simple scheduling needs.

Pro – Offers more scheduling controls for widget reservations with party size limits, blackout dates, business hours, and maximums for the number of people who can book per day and hour. HTML is available to add instructions and your logo to the widget, as well as the confirmation/reminder emails. Reminder emails can be scheduled to automatically go out before the ETA time. Geared towards businesses that want more control over how and when customers are able to schedule reservations/appointments and join the list.

Platinum – Ultimate customization features allow you to redesign the widget and kiosk displays however you would like. The Custom HTML Display features let you change text and buttons, move the fields around on the page, add your logo, and more. This feature requires some web development experience, but your web dev staff should find this easy to get started and make updates. Perfect for those who want full control over branding and the look and feel of their customer-facing touchpoints.

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