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Electronics Store Waitlist App

The easiest way to manage a waitlist.

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Losing Easy Sales Is So Frustrating

A lot of hard work goes into getting customers to your store and hitting sales targets. So you can’t afford to have a customer, looking for help buying a laptop or TV, turn around and leave just because your sales reps are busy or there are other customers waiting. Especially when it just takes a minute to greet a person and find out what they need.

Delight Your Customers

Take the pain out of waiting. Greet your customers when they first arrive to find out what they need and tell them how soon you can help them. Add them to Waitlist Me to give them visibility into their estimated wait and freedom to walk around and shop until a sales person is available. Then notify them with a text message when you’re ready for them.
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Empower Your Team

Waitlist Me helps your sales team deliver smarter and friendlier service. By viewing key information on waiting customers and their needs, your team can make more accurate wait estimates and route customers to the right person faster. Plus, Waitlist Me is simple enough to pick up within a few minutes, so there is no complicated set up or training required. Your team will love it, and it will reflect in their performance.

Upgrade Your Profits

Retail is very competitive. Stand out from the crowd with exceptional service and smarter team coordination, and you’ll see the results in the bottom line. Waitlist Me gives your customers more reasons to spend money at your store, and your sales team an intuitive tool to exceed customer expectations.
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