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Consignment Store Appointment and Waitlist App

The easiest way to manage appointments and a waitlist

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Don't Let Your Customers Slip Away

Don’t you hate it when you see a frustrated customer that has been waiting longer than they had been told or has come back several times to ask when you’d be ready for them? And when a customer walks in and turns right around because of the wait time, you are losing an easy way to make more money.

Delight Your Customers

Give your customers the ability to run nearby errands while they wait for you to evaluate the value of the things they have brought in. Simply add the person’s name to the waitlist and alert them with a customized text or automated phone call when you are ready for them. The app makes it easy for your employees to add and confirm appointments and see upcoming appointments all in one place.
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Empower Your Team

Forget messy paper waitlists and calendars. Anyone can learn Waitlist Me in a few minutes. Quoting wait times accurately is easy when you can see at a glance key info on your waiting and scheduled customers. Intuitive calendar views make seeing availability and scheduling appointments a breeze.

Tailored To Your Business

Don’t give your customers reasons to go somewhere else. Waitlist Me has been proven to reduce walkaways, increase customer satisfaction, and improve your operational efficiencies. Make your customers and team happier, and you’ll see the results in the bottom line.

Help more customers at your consignment store with these tips
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