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Pricing Update

Starting from October 1, 2018, we will be adding annual billing options to offer savings over the monthly billing plans and to simplify invoice tracking and management. Waitlist Me Premium will be $239.88 a year (equivalent of $19.99 a month) and Waitlist Me Pro will be $479.88 a year (equivalent of $39.99 a month).

To switch to annual billing you can select one of the annual payment options in the Account area of the Waitlist Me website or just send an email to You can switch your account anytime and the first annual payment would be in October.

Also starting from October 1, prices for monthly billing options will be updated to be $24.99 a month for the Premium service and $49.99 a month for the Pro service. This is the first price change we have made in the four years we have been charging for the service, and many features and improvements have been added over the years to increase the value of the service.

Pro users that signed up for the trial rate of $39.99 can continue to keep the rate as a monthly billing option as long as their subscription remains active.